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ShareProjects is designed for Office 365 and Sharepoint.
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ShareProjects was developed by professionals with the aim of bringing you back to what really counts..

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Time recording in ShareProjects

Time recording in SharePoint

Best class in User Onboarding.

We take care of all user requirements and keep the workflow as easy as possible.

A multi-channel office management system with a simple and intuitive interface.

ShareProjects in Detail
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    Your files in one place.

    Put your files with version control in one place.

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    Track your work progress.

    Track your workprocess mobile with a few clicks.

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    Import and export data easily.

    Export your work to Excel.

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    Full internal messaging system.

    Collaborate with your team at one place.

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    Connect with clients quickly.

    Share documents and information on one click with your clients.

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    Share documents from the app.

    Insert and share documents from the app.

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Install ShareProjects for all your devices.

Your Projects and Times at your fingertips.

Effective team and user management, Complete drag and drop.

Manage Projects and Tasks from anywhere.

Through our app we offer a high degree of mobility. Everyone in the team can work on the tasks from anywhere.

Manage data from one central source.

You can upload and edit documents from anywhere, through the integrated Versioncontrol.

Manage tasks with the help of the reminder.
No matter where you are.

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