ShareProjects is a state-of-the-art project management and time recording software based on SharePoint.
It allows you to capture all your projects and the associated working hours with just a few clicks.
Because it is based on the existing SharePoint services and takes over the already established users and authorizations, the ShareProjects app is ready for use in the shortest possible time for all existing users.
The ShareProjects app is capable of integrating process-related collateral as a modern time recording software. This means you can synchronize critical input offline / online. It is also possible to clone the ShareProjects apps in the Enterprise version.
This greatly reduces the potential for interruptions due to infrastructure and latencies.
The ShareProjects app, in addition to its technical advantages, can be implemented quickly.
Furthermore, it has a completely user-friendly design, which also allows new users easy, intuitive handling.
With Shareprojects you are also able to manage all project rooms (sitecollections) from a software and provide them only for the required teams.
You can drag and drop your files over an iPhone, Android phone, tablet, or other devices, so the SharePoint files are automatically available.
Using the ShareProjects app requires an existing SharePoint, which is at least the 2013 version, as well as a new Sitecollection (team page or for a faster, smoother setup a developer page)
Alternatively, you need an Office365 with E3 Plan or another version that contains a Sharepoint.
The use of ShareProjects is deliberately simple and step by step in our QuickStartGuide.
There is an administrator of the Sitecollection that has access to all functions.
Project managers can record and edit projects.
Users can only book times for existing projects.
You have the option to maintain your company structure in the permissions.
You can therefore decide which departments receive which authorizations.
ShareProjects can be deployed across the enterprise, or it can be made available to all employees through a SiteCollection.
By granting authorizations, they have the possibility to directly use the application worldwide.
Variant 1: ShareProjects is uploaded as an app file within your AppStore. From there, you can install the app directly into your Sharepoint.

Variant 2: If you are unable to deploy AppStore, we can upload the app directly to your site collection, but you need appropriate permissions.

If the above requirements are met, ShareProjects is ready to use within 60 minutes
It is possible to set up the software so that personal data and movement data are separated so that the compliance guidelines of the individual countries can be met more quickly.

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