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ShareProjects is compatible with all devices.

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ShareProjects is a user-friendly App for project planning and time recording.
You are able to capture working hours for a project with sum clicks.
In the mobile version, you can take full advantage of all features when you are travelling.

Use of ShareProjects

Left: Links: Time recording in SharePoint
Right: Time recording in ShareProjects

What changes with ShareProjects?

With a user-friendly interface ShareProjects simplifies time recording on a new level.
All data remains still visible in SharePoint and can also be edited there.
Thanks to the intuitive operation of ShareProjects, you save your employees time-consuming instructions.


The “Home” view displays an overview of all datasets. You can sort them according to individual categories.

Manage Projects

Only administrators or main project leaders are authorized to create or change projects.
Under “Projects” you find an overview of all existing projects.
You can sort these projects according to single categories.
To edit or delete a project choose the relevant project and click “Edit” or “Delete”.

Create Projects

To create a new project, go to the Projects menu and click on the pen at the top left corner of the project overview.
You can now edit all necessary project related data.
To create a project, click on “Save” and your project will appear in the project overview.

Here you will find guidance for implementing a structured numbering of projects.

Pattern template

Add a Project Room

Add Project Tasks

By opening the “Tasks” window you can create new tasks.
Frequently used tasks are already stored in the program. To select tasks, enter the initial letter or task code and select the task you require.
To enter new tasks in the system, choose “Add new record” under “Task”.
Here you can also edit or delete already registered tasks.

When creating a project, you can also define a project room in form of a link.
In this project room, employees have the opportunity to exchange information and data.

Project Room

A project room can be created in SharePoint so that your employees have access to all relevant data in one place.
If an employee chooses a project that is connected to a project room at the time recording, the link to the project room is displayed to the user.

Time Recording

You can enter project times on the “Home” page.
By clicking on “New Work Time” a new input field opens. Here you have the option to select a project from those you have already saved. You can then define your working hours by entering a starting time and an ending time. ShareProjects automatically calculates the length of time.
The calculated project time is then displayed on the “Home” page.

Time Planning

Under “Planning” you will get an overview of the schedule.
In the calendar view you can optimally divide your time.
Furthermore, you can see in the “Timeline Projects” view how much time you have spent on which project.
The project manager benefits from having an overview of the available capacities and can thus avoid bottlenecks.


The menu option “Report” gives you an overview of the working times per project and per task.
You can select additional filter functions by employee, project, task or date. The filtered data can then be exported to Excel by choosing “Export to Excel”.

Mobile Version

All described functions are also fully operational in mobile use.
The buttons are adjusted according to the device size.

Test Access

We offer all companies a test access to convince you of the inspiring advantages of ShareProjects.


If required, you can arrange a demonstration appointment with us and we will explain the operation of ShareProjects and answer all questions.


Should you have any questions about ShareProjects, please do not hesitate to make an appointment for a Webcast presentation and we will be pleased to support you.

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